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PAYMENT OF FEES: Once enrolled, students are obliged to pay the balance of any outstanding fees no later than 01st September 2024. Any student with any fees outstanding (on all papers) after the date will be refused entry to any class and use of other MATABACUS facilities and will need to make a special arrangement with the administration to continue studying.

OUTSTANDING BALANCES: No new enrollment into a course will be accepted if there are any outstanding balances from previously enrolled courses. NB. There are no discounts for students with outstanding fees.

SPONSORED STUDENTS: Sponsored students will not be enrolled without either the minimum deposit or an accepted letter of sponsorship. A student who pays for themselves and is subsequently sponsored will obtain a full refund of their own payment.

DISCOUNT APPLICATIONS NB: To be eligible for a repeat paper discount you must have attended over 80% of the classes you were enrolled in and also have submitted a script for every practice test set for your class.


Students who fully pay for both tuition and revision before 01st September 2024 for the same paper, may be entitled to an advanced payment discount on the revision fees.
  • ACCA This discount (is subject to change) is currently set at $20 for Knowledge courses, $25 for skills, $30 for strategic Essential Papers, and $30 for Strategic Option papers.
  • REPEAT PAPER DISCOUNTS MATABACUS provides a very high standard of tuition and MAT ABACUS students have exceptionally high pass rates. Nevertheless, MATABACUS cannot guarantee that all students will pass all papers. To underwrite the quality of the tuition, provide, MATABACUS offers a discount scheme for students who have studied with MATABACUS, and need to re-sit.

  • CPA For approved applications, students will enjoy a discount of Shs50,000/= per course unit for tuition fees.
  • ACCA For approved applications, Students will pay only $120 per course unit for Tuition Fees.
  • This repeat paper discount is only availed for the same courses you registered for and paid for in the last semester. If you only enrolled for revision, the discount is not applicable. NB Students who are allowed a reap paper discount will only be issued with new study tests if the version has changed since the previous sitting.

    MAT ABACUS Business School refund policy is only applicable under the following conditions:

      1. Tuition payment is done by the student and sponsor concurrently. Refund shall be done after receipt of a written application from the student attached with confirmatory evidence of both student and sponsor funds into our bank account for the same purpose.



    ACCA FR and ACCA SBR are strictly physical classes. There will be no online classes for these papers.


    Books are issued only on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. from 09:00 am to 6:30 pm.
    No books will be issued on days that are not mentioned above.

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